Thursday, March 20, 2014

7 Reasons to Drink Tea

It baffles me that Americans are so slow on the tea loving thing that seems to be going on with the rest of the world. Perhaps we're still feeling the after affects of the Boston Tea party, but come on guys, it is second most consumed drink after water. In the world. We can let bygones be bygones.

Surprisingly though, I do believe our love for the leafy liquid is growing, for which I am grateful. Over half of Americans drink tea and though 85% of that tea is ice, I'll take progress where I can get it.

Part of the fun of tea is less the drink and more the classy cups and accessories the drink requires. So if I cannot convince you with these fancy knick knacks, I do not know what will.

1.   Look at him. How can you say no?

2. What if we made you laugh with a pun?

3. What about two of them? Is that any punnier?

4. What if you didn't have to worry about it over seeping?

5. Or if this guy seeps it for you?

6. We'll even throw in a cookie.

7. Okay, now that I have successfully  made my case, you can have tea all day, everyday!

This is not even half the fancy that I could have shown you. There are tea cups, tea kettles, and tea diffusers ranging from punny (we tea lover love our puns) to pieces of art. Tea is a culture as well as a drink, that brings classy people together to simply be classy. 

For more tea fun, check out my pin board full of tea advice and more tea paraphernalia.

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  1. I totally agree. Being apart of one of the stranger American families who love tea in all forms even more than water I seriously need all of these tea things. And there are so many health benefits!!! Maybe if there are more tea drinkers there will be more of these products available.